Templecombe Medieval Pageant is a local, family show that we run to inform, entertain and support charity. We are strictly not for profit event offering something special to both members of public and our participants. So what is it we offer? Every year at our event we have a well-stocked traders’ market, living history encampment, staffed kitchen for hot food, displays of fighting and combat prowess, battle featuring cannons, archers and an attack on the purpose built wooden fortress. We also have a professional joust team, juggler and jester, projectiles through the ages display. Please see the About page for more details.


Re-enactors spend painstaking hours to put together representations of medieval life and they love to talk about it and show off their equipment, from cooking utensils up to full rigs of plate armour and weapons. Truly a fully interactive museum.


The main display of our show is the battle. Dozens and dozens of fighters take the field to do battle against one another. We present the forces of Lord Somerset, sent by the pope to capture Jaques de Molay, Grandmaster of the Knights Templar, and supress his order. This fight may be staged and we have a script that the re-enactors diligently ignore, but the fighting is not choreographed and the ultimate victor of the battle is not decided. The fight itself determines who wins.


This event, and others like it throughout the nation, present you with an opportunity to see history in a way television, museums and books simply can’t. Reading history, seeing exhibits and watching historical dramas or documentaries are all worthy ways to learn, but when you can actually speak to people who have learnt for themselves lessons about things as small and specific as how to actually strap on and rig armour, how important it is to care for their weapons or how cooking on cast iron and trying to bake at a fire presents unique ways of perceiving our history. We present these things with a borderline obsessive enthusiasm. We want to entertain and educate you, but we never sacrifice comedy for dry information or vice versa. We present factual information in a way to make you laugh, because if it amuses you, you are more likely to learn something. Also we have Vikings. They are loud..